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Rep Razer with new Unleashed and Genesis clothing and apparel

Razer is arguably one of the most recognizable gaming device and peripheral companies in the world. In the past, they’ve offered up limited-edition drops of apparel, which always sold out quickly. Now the company is offering two apparel lineups — Unleashed and Genesis — so more gamers can sport Razer’s streetwear.

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Previous limited editions included collaborations with BAPE and Fossil which, as mentioned above, sold out very quickly. The new lines of clothing offer “daring lines, bold designs, quality craftsmanship, and intentional functionality.”

“We really take the feedback we receive from our community to heart. We heard them when they said they wanted more Razer Apparel, as our previous drops were selling out too fast. Now our fans can expect even more from Razer Apparel in the coming seasons as we continue to invest in this space by adding more designers in house who truly understand the fashion landscape and our community of gamers.”

Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer

With minimalistic designs and subtle Razer green lines, the Razer Genesis clothing line is designed with comfort in mind and is suitable for everyday wear, inside or out. The Razer Unleashed apparel line, on the other hand, features bold and oversized prints designed with gamers who like to flaunt their Razer allegiance in mind.

The following Razer Unleased and Razer Genesis gear is available on the Razer website at the following prices (in USD):

  • Razer Genesis Tee: $49.99 | €59.99
  • Razer Genesis Bomber Jacket: $99.99 | €109.99
  • Razer Genesis Shorts: $69.99 | €79.99
  • Razer Genesis Bucket Hat: $39.99 | €44.99
  • Razer Unleashed Oversized Tee: $59.99 | €69.99
  • Razer Unleashed Sweatshirt: $69.99 | €79.99
  • Razer Unleashed Zip Hoodie: $99.99 | €109.99
  • Razer Unleashed Shorts: $59.99 | €69.99
  • Razer Unleashed Jogger Pants: $79.99 | €89.99
  • Razer Unleashed Snapback Cap: $39.99 | €44.99
  • Razer Unleashed Bucket Hat: $39.99 | €44.99

What do you think about the new Razer Unleashed and Razer Genesis gear and clothing lineups? Are you going to be picking any of it up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

Last Updated on May 26, 2022.

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