April 10, 2024


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Self Defense Tips: Safety Tips Against Aggressors and Muggers

When you are not ready for an encounter with a thug in the street, it could lead to pain and suffering that you didn’t have to experience. If you think that crime will not happen to you, it is just wishful thinking. There are some safety and self-defense tips for avoiding becoming a victim of street crime.

Learn Self Defense

Many victims of violent crime have had the opportunity to reflect on why they could have done something different to prevent it? If they knew how to defend themselves, the outcome would probably have been different. There are many effective self-defense system choices, and you should learn and look for proper self defense classes.

It will help if you know how to take care of yourself on the streets, bring down aggressors with weapons or attackers with strategies that don’t expect you to be more grounded than your enemy. Practice regularly to keep up and improve your abilities. You may require them when you wouldn’t dare to hope to use them.

Be On Your Guard

Being on your guard means paying attention to what is going on around you at all times. This will allow you to avoid suspicious people who may intend to mug or rob you. It gives you time to see what’s up ahead and plan your next move in the parts of town known to have a high crime rate. Not talking or texting unnecessarily on your phone or listening to your iPod will help you eliminate distractions that lower your guard. Keeping your guard up and staying alert to your surroundings will improve your survival rate.

Carry A Cell Phone

Mobile phones have become an essential part of today’s world. We know of no one who doesn’t possess one. We use our cell phones practically every day and feel lost when we forget to take them. A cell phone can come in handy in an emergency. It could also save your life if you use it to call 911 when you find yourself mugged or attacked on the streets. If you happen to be the few who still don’t own a cell phone, consider how it could save your life if you had it to call for help when you need it most.

Have the Right Mind-Set

Would-be attackers can sense fear and will use that against you when they intend to commit a crime. Easier said than done, but you must not show them anything that suggests you are weak. Think and act like a brave and robust warrior when you are in a life-threatening encounter. This could surprise and shock your attacker into thinking twice about approaching you. They expect victims to give in quickly, and a struggle isn’t what they anticipate. Naturally, don’t provoke, but do sound out “Stop” or “POLICE” and run far away.

Carry Little Cash

Muggers look for easy targets who have personal property they wish to take. It makes sense then to carry with you only the minimum of what you need. Showing off what you have is making yourself noticeable and inviting a potential robbery. If you give them credit cards, there are limits to how much you are responsible for if you report it stolen immediately. With cash, it is all gone, and recovering it may be futile. You’ve worked honestly to earn your money, why let it get taken away by someone who doesn’t?