April 21, 2024


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Should You Use Your Home Appliances Until They Break?

How Long All Major Household Appliance Should Last On Average

Keeping a well-maintained home is easier when we use home appliances. But sadly, our home appliances are not immortal. These products might be built to last, but they do indeed have their limitations. Of course, their durability will depend on how well you use or take care of them. So it pays to handle them as recommended. 

But in any case that they suffer from the wear and tear of constant usage, what would be the wise thing to do? Should you get a new one immediately? Should you get it repaired? Let’s explore your possibilities.  

It’s Different For Every Homemaker 

There are many ways to address your home appliance dilemma. And it ultimately depends on the needs of the homemaker. 

Getting It Replaced

Immediately buying a new one can be one of the fastest ways you can address this situation. But of course, like any other home appliance purchase, this will cost you some money. If you have some extra savings to buy a brand new home appliance, then sure go ahead. 

You can also check the warranty on your home appliance. Warranties guarantee you a replacement or repair if your situation is within their terms and conditions. These are also valid for a limited time. So if your circumstances are not within their terms, they will not replace your appliances. 

The Growing Concern of  Electronic Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is discarded materials from electronic devices. In 2014, 60% of the global e-waste comprised of home appliances. Another report from 2020 states that 54.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste were collected globally and is projected to reach 74 million metric tonnes by 2030. 

These numbers are alarming, and every homemaker should know this before deciding to discard their appliances. 

Note that every time you replace your appliance, your old one has to go somewhere. Depending on your state, some laws require you to dispose of these appliances the right way.  These laws are made to protect the environment from the harmful substances that may come from these appliances. 

Refrigerators and freezers, for instance, have chlorofluorocarbons in them. This substance can deplete the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere. 

But even if there were no laws that ensured the safe disposal of our home appliances, we should have the initiative to do so nonetheless. Every homemaker should dispose of their appliance, or any waste for that matter, safely and properly. 

Repairs Are an Option 

For people who are on a tight budget, repairs are the way to go. Most repairs cost less than buying a brand new unit. Prices for repairs fluctuate depending on where you go. In some cases, you can even fix it yourself. Every homeowner should know the value of repairs. Not only does this save money, but it also lessens the electronic waste that we accumulate with time. 

Should You Use It Until It Breaks?

The simple answer to this is yes; you should use your appliances until they are no longer functional. Use them until the damages are way beyond what any skillful repairman could fix. This method can be way cheaper for you at any given time. 

This also lessens the continuous rise of e-waste all over the globe. If every homeowner had the mindset to repair instead of to replace, we could cut the growing number of e-waste by a significant amount. 

But this should be taken with a caveat. Your appliances could break at an inconvenient time in your times. If your fridge stops working on Thanksgiving, then you would have a problem storing all of your leftovers somewhere where they don’t spoil. 

But economically speaking, it would be wise to use your appliances until they are irreparable. 

Investing in Good Appliances

With that, you must choose the correct appliance to purchase. These appliances are investments for comfortable and convenient home life. Some notoriously durable appliances include Whirlpool washing machines and Miele vacuum cleaners. 

These appliances reportedly last for years, with minor repairs few and far between. Miele vacuums reportedly last for 15 years! But if they do break down, there are always Miele vacuum repairs and services to help you. 

Whatever your choice may be in solving your home appliance problems, take note that your purchases affect the greater environment. It is your responsibility as a homeowner and as a citizen of this earth to make decisions that not only benefit you but everyone else around you as well. So be sure that your choice is the right one. 

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