June 20, 2024


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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Trap

There are different lifespans. Cast iron pipes last anywhere from 30 to a hundred years while PVC can last indefinitely. Other material types average around 50 years, or even more with proper maintenance. Unlike the pipes in our kitchen and bathroom areas, damages and issues in the sewer lines are less noticeable. When you begin to experience frequent clogging in your home or have been smelling sewer in your drains, you might actually need to have your sewers checked and replaced.

There are several signs that your sewer lines might be in need of a replacement. However, these areas are quite demanding to repair and should be treated with experience and training. It is important to call your best plumber Sydney to get your sewer lines checked, maintained, or in severe cases, replaced.

5 Common Signs That Indicate a Possible Need for Replacement

Backup and Blockages in the Sewage Area

One of the most common causes of backflow is blocks in your sewer system. It should be treated with utmost importance because backflow is dangerous for your health and compromises the safety of the water that you use at home. If you are experiencing regular backups and repairs seem to be insufficient to address the problem, schedule a visit from your trusted plumber to address the issue immediately.

Sewer Odour

Most of the time, lack of water or block in traps cause sewer odour inside your homes. However, if these areas are already clogged free, your sewer might be the actual culprit for the unwanted odour. Clogs in your sewer lines can also cause unwanted issues on your property.

Old Age

Old pipes are due for replacement. If you happen to buy an older property with older piping systems, you might want to have it completely checked to see if some areas are due to be repaired or replaced. A trained professional plumber can easily identify which pipes are due for replacement upon close inspection of your sewer system.

Big Roots in Your Sewer

Since sewer pipes are usually located underground, the chances of having roots penetrating your pipes without you noticing is possible. If you happen to see damp areas that are releasing foul odour outside your property, you may have leaks in your sewer lines, causing water, waste, and sewer odour to be released. A CCTV sewer camera is one of the most common tools to check if your sewer has been invaded by tree roots, causing blocks and other issues in your sewer system. When the penetration is so severe, you might have to get these pipes replaced.

Frequent Unexplained Clogs

Frequent slow drains caused by clogs are telltale signs of blockage not only in your plumbing system but your sewer system as well. If these are not addressed immediately, it may cause your sewer to back up. If you are constantly troubled with your slow drains and constant blocks in your drains, you might have a bigger problem, this time on your sewer lines. Ask help from a trained professional to have your sewer system checked to be able to solve and put an end to these unexplained clogs in your home.

If you begin to notice these signs in your home, the best solution to have these issues fixed is to have your sewer lines inspected. Without a proper inspection from a licensed plumber based in Sydney, it would be hard to identify areas in your sewer that require repair or replacement. A professional plumber can also effectively judge whether your sewer pipes are indeed due for replacement or if a repair would be sufficient to solve your plumbing problems.