The Common Household Pests: A Guide

Are you dealing with some pesky undesirable roommates that don’t pay rent? No, we’re not talking about human roommates. We’re talking about common household pests.

Everyone, at some point or another, will deal with a household pest. Some are less annoying than others, but all of them are going to need evictions, stat. Do you know what to do when you come in contact with one of these creatures?

We’re here to talk about a few of the most common pests so you know what to do about them. Read on to learn more.

Mice and Rats

If you hear the skittering of little feet in your home, don’t be scared. You might be housing a few rodents in your walls, but most of the time, this is nothing to worry about. 

Most household rodents end up being tiny mice. Mice won’t directly hurt you, but their droppings can spread bacteria, meaning that it’s important to get rid of these furry creatures as soon as possible.

Mice, due to their small size, get in through even the tiniest holes in the home. 

If you notice a larger rodent, larger than the palm of your hand, it’s more than likely a rat. Rats are also excellent at spreading diseases, so hiring a pest control professional is key.

Make sure that you don’t leave any food (or even crumbs) hanging around your home if you want to get rid of rodents. 


Termites can cause a lot of damage despite being such tiny pests. If you own your property, you need to identify (and put an end to) termites right away.

Termites eat through the wood in your home. They can completely ruin the structure of your building and cause walls to collapse if you don’t catch them early enough. 

Common signs of termites include shed wings and small piles of sawdust throughout the home. If you notice these things, it’s crucial that you contact a professional for a building and pest inspection.

Fruit or Drain Flies

While these are the most harmless pests on our list, they’re also the most widespread and annoying. They’re also difficult to get rid of!

Fruit flies and drain flies are tiny winged insects that lurk in kitchens and bathrooms. They look almost identical. The only difference is where they spend their time and what they eat.

Fruit flies live on rotting produce. You can bring them in with your groceries or they can make their way in from outside. Drain flies, however, thrive on the organic matter in your drains (which can be food, but can also be hair, mold, and any other organic material). 

If you’re not willing to hire a professional for pest removal, you can get rid of them on your own with some effort. You’re going to need apple cider vinegar, a jar, a piece of paper, and dish soap.

Pour a small amount of vinegar into the jar and add a few drops of soap. Use the paper to make a funnel and put the narrow end into the jar. Flies will gravitate toward the vinegar and they’ll be stuck in the jar because they won’t be able to find the narrow funnel opening. 

Do You Recognize These Household Pests?

Household pests don’t have to be a big deal if you spot and remove them early. Remember, they’re nothing to be embarrassed about. Hire a professional and evict those creepy crawlies in no time.

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