May 19, 2024


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Tips for Choosing Furniture for the Garden

Furniture for gardens is not very popular in our country, because…we are afraid of the hot sun, unlike people living in 4 seasons countries who really like the heat of the sun, that’s why people there really like to sunbathe on the beach, or beside their swimming pool. Which incidentally needs furniture for the garden or outdoor furniture .

It’s different with us, why don’t people go swimming to the beach wearing long, full-covered clothes, some even wear hijabs. ️I’m afraid the item will be exposed to the sun even though this isn’t entirely true, but there’s a lot of truth to it.

Furniture for gardens in our country functions more for hanging out than enjoying the warmth of the sun. which is perfectly okay because we are tropical, already full of the warmth of the sun’s caress. most of them hang out in cool places or if not, at night. It’s hot… it’s hot… the kringetan is so ugly it’s not clinging anymore, isn’t it.

Tips for Choosing Furniture for the Garden

Garden furniture is made of materials that are water resistant, and heat resistant as well. It had to be because of his position outside the room, he was directly hit by hot rain, it’s not funny if it’s only been hit by the heat of the season and it’s already damaged, right? Therefore, you need to choose the right material before buying furniture for outdoor. The following are some of the materials commonly used for outdoor furniture.

Teak wood

If you want a natural look, more one with nature and maybe a classic look. then wood is the right choice. there are so many types of wood used for furniture, but if we talk about outdoor furniture, then teak is the main choice around the world.

The advantage of teak wood is its extraordinary strength against extreme weather, both heat, rain and snow. This is because teak has a high natural oil content and functions to protect it from water. that is why this wood is widely used for ships and boats in the past until now.

The second advantage is that the teak fiber is beautiful…there are many weather-resistant woods, such as ironwood, ironwood, meranti, etc. but the fibers are straight like coconut wood, not attractive.

The thing that needs to be considered if you want to buy teak wood outdoor furniture is, after all the wood still needs maintenance, if it is teak wood, the more it rains and gets hot, the color of the wood that was yellowish brown typical of teak will turn gray, this is not is damage, but the wood’s efforts to protect the surface only, so don’t be surprised. The way to treat it is by applying wood protective materials such as teak oil or outdoor wax, which need regular application. if in our country maybe the application before the rainy season maybe yes…


The second outdoor furniture material that is widely marketed is metal, now there are several metals, the most widely being aluminum, then stainless steel, wrought iron and cast iron. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you want to buy furniture for your garden, you can visit this website

Stainless and aluminum are resistant to rust, but the price of stainless steel is quite expensive compared to other metal materials. Whereas wrought iron is easy to shape, so if you want to make a curved model, you can because it’s low carbon iron, which means it’s flexible.

Unfortunately it is easy to rust, if it is not coated with good paint it will rust very quickly. As for cast iron, he can make complex shapes such as carvings and insignia without limits. unfortunately expensive if you want to make a complicated design.

So if you want furniture for the garden that is as strong as steel, then use steel, metal means… a combination of metal with wood, or with plastic and synthetic materials is also a good choice. How often do you see chairs that look like colorful woven rattan? Well, the frame is usually made of aluminum and the rattan wicker is made of that kind of plastic… so pretty.


The next furniture material for the garden is plastic. Many think that plastic must be easily damaged, brittle and not durable. It’s true, but with the existing technology, not really… with the discovery of a new type of polymer that is more weather-resistant, plastic furniture can be a “wise” choice, for one reason only. Inexpensive.