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Wallpaper has a beautiful history dating back to the 16th century, from which time it came to the houses of the world to stay, being a simple and elegant way of giving personality to spaces that has undergone trend changes that have been in line with the architectural style and “fashion” in terms of the season, colors and trends of each moment.

Thus arose the first designs printed on small sheets, sometimes monochromatic, with designs “copied” from the embroidery of the moment and some painted by hand; then came the Chinese with their detailed decorations that dominated the trend for years; being at the beginning of the S XX when the production in series exploded in hundreds of designs, styles and colors that were according to the decade in which they were; the 50’s for example with its classic and familiar approach, the 60’s with a little more carefree and the 70’s with tones, effects, and games of bold lines that came to revolutionize everything.

From that moment on, each season came with a new and original trend, designers went out of their way to create something “never seen before”, until the present day where we suddenly look back and find all the beautiful ideas that we have. been looking to match the decor of our rooms; And it is now when designers use that influence to “update” the materials, the printing patterns, the resistance and brightness of the colors, but evoking those patterns of bright, colorful and happy times.

Words like Vintage and Retro are now part of our day to day, we find it in products that range from household appliances or furniture to fashion and footwear … well, wallpapers could not be the exception, but when we decided to “ wallpaper ”the rooms of our house, we find that suddenly we can feel overwhelmed with the amount of designs and proposals that we see, without even knowing where to start, therefore, below we are going to list some simple tips for you to have in mind when looking for the wallpaper ideas that best suit your home and your personality.


If you are one of the “classics” and want to dress your room that way, try starting with soft and fresh colors, to which you can add a modern touch such as platinum lines that will look beautiful when combined with the lighting. Try to use Hand painted wallpaper  like chinoiserie wallpaper (the chinese wallpaper), watercolour on mulberry paper. Panoramic in style and probably from the Chinese traditional paintings. Depicted scenes include representations of the tea industry, silk production, agriculture, china making and Chinese opera. Hung on vermiculite-packed, bronze-edged panels of varying sizes.This exquisite Chinese wallpaper as a classical painting artwork exported to European states from th 17th century, middle of China Qing Dynasty.

Remember that dark colors absorb light and are therefore recommended for areas with good light input.


Look back: There are beautiful wallpaper ideas that have been there for “a lifetime”, you probably remember the spectacular American series ” that 70’s show ” that decorated spaces in a very particular way, which at the time led us to Bygone eras, but which today and thanks to combinations of furniture, refinement of designs and improvement of printing techniques, give modern but evocative touches and with a whole “declaration of intentions” … do not hesitate to try the beautiful designs “Seventies”.

You can combine (to give a little more character), simple one-color papers, with walls covered with semi-gloss ideas that will “lift” your spirits a bit and will be a decorative element to appreciate every day.

If you are looking for papers for spacious rooms with large light inputs (large windows, near balconies, commercial premises), go straight for the eclectic colors, textured papers and strong velvety tones that will glam up those places.

If you have walls that are not completely smooth, try repetitive designs that are very ornate and rich in color that on the one hand will masterfully hide those small imperfections on your walls, and on the other hand they will give all the personality you require, sometimes reaching even having the need to put pictures on your walls.


At this point, the botanical style is crazy as we see it everywhere embellishing the spaces, colors in different shades of green, birds, flowers or two-color combinations with leaves, shrubs or plants are the sensation and provide warmth. and personality to any room.

If you have low ceilings, upward (vertical) line patterns will give the feeling of space… don’t choose horizontal designs or patterns that will “shrink” the place.

Always keep in mind that less is more when it comes to decoration … boring stays on single-color papers would be a waste of time; walls crammed on all four sides with bright colors and excess paper, it would be too, try to balance everything and consult with the salespeople.

Finally, take a look at the textured papers that are wonderful and are made with techniques that allow high relief, which gives a look in the morning, some shadows at sunset and a charming touch at night, for modern rooms that combine very well with different types of furniture.

Well, that’s how we come to the end, we hope that you now have a little more evidence to choose the model that best suits the architecture of your room and the personality you want to give to your home.

In future installments, we will tell you how to properly maintain your wallpaper and some tips to remove stains.

Until next time!