September 24, 2023


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Tips for Determining the Right Chandelier for Your Home

The role of the chandelier is not only as lighting, but also as a decorative lamp that will add to the beauty of your home. Chandeliers have a different design from ordinary lamps. The existence of a chandelier, makes the room feel different with the feel of ‘wow’.

However, this ‘wow’ impression will turn out to be strange and inappropriate if you make the wrong choice. Chandeliers or decorative chandeliers should give the impression of being elegant, unique, or as accessories to beautify the room.

Considerations in Choosing Chandeliers

One type of chandelier will work well in a particular room, but it will also look strange or inappropriate if it is not adapted to certain circumstances. Well, here are the considerations that you can use when choosing a chandelier or decorative chandelier for your home. You can buy that in

Considerations according to interior style

By considering based on the interior style of the house, there are lots of chandeliers that you can choose from, ranging from minimalist chandeliers, antique chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, simple chandeliers, to contemporary chandeliers.

To apply a chandelier to your home, first determine what impression you want to create from the chandelier. Choose a color that matches your room. For a house with a modern classic style, you should choose a chandelier with lots of ornaments or details. In addition, you can choose a minimalist chandelier for a minimalist type of room.

Considerations in accordance with the height of the ceiling

If the room in your house has a high ceiling, choose a chandelier that extends downward. But do not let the length of the chandelier exceed a third of the height of the room. If your house has very high ceilings, you will need to hang the lamp above an empty space, so that it can reach half the height of the room. Pay attention to whether the chandelier is enough to be the center of attention or not.

Considerations based on home furnishings design

To choose a chandelier design to match the room, you also need to combine it with your home furnishings. For that, choose a chandelier that is similar to the furniture in your home, so that the lights don’t attract too much attention. Let the lights match other items, because the chandelier serves to complete the room, not to distract attention. Also adjust the chandelier with the model of furniture or other items.

Considerations for choosing a chandelier for the dining

room In the dining room, the lamp will be installed in the middle or just above the dining table. The size is better than half the size of the dining table. But do not choose a chandelier that is larger than a third of the room, because it will interfere and the room will seem full. The distance of the chandelier should be more than 1 meter from the table surface.

Considerations for choosing a chandelier according to trends

Luxury homes often use chandeliers that function as lighting as well as decoration. In fact, chandeliers are not only used in the living room or dining room. The entire room including the bathroom can be fitted with a chandelier with a variety of current models. You can choose a chandelier according to the theme of the room or the character of the occupants of the house.

Considerations based on materials

There are many materials for making chandeliers, each of which will create a different impression. Instead, choose a chandelier that also functions as a decorative lamp in accordance with the concept of the room that will be created.

If you have a minimalist living room, a chandelier that is more suitable to use is an iron decorative chandelier rather than a crystal chandelier. The solid and simple form of iron is more suitable for use in a minimalist room than a crystal chandelier.

While crystal chandeliers are more suitable for use in classic-style rooms, because they can create an elegant and luxurious impression.

Considerations according to shape

There are thousands of forms of chandeliers on the market. Generally, lamps with various shapes are influenced by material, size, and function. For a room that functions formally, you should choose a lamp with a complex shape to apply. This will add value to the space commensurate with the content of the conversation. While the room is relaxed, you can choose a simpler form such as an antique chandelier or a contemporary chandelier.

Consider by size

Do not let you mistakenly determine the size of the chandelier for your home. The small size will make the lighting dim. It is almost useless if forced to apply. If you choose the wrong lamp that is too big, it will also give a strange impression.

The right way to do it before buying is to measure the length of the room plus the width of the room. The result of the sum is made into inches.

For example, if the room has a size of 10 × 7 meters, then the ideal size for the room is 10 plus 7, so you will get a size of 17 meters. From meters you need to convert it to inches, i.e. to 17 inches. This size will be used as a consideration when choosing a chandelier.

Considerations based on position

The use of chandeliers that function as the interior of the house, is also often found as the exterior of the house as applied to a swimming pool or garden. This chandelier also functions as a decorative chandelier to make your home look more beautiful.

How to choose it, requires its own technique, considering the outside environment is quite wide and rarely gets objects that reflect light. For this reason, the lights and lights that appear must be right in order to get maximum lighting.

You don’t need to be fixated on what kind of decorative chandelier you should choose. Even if your house is minimalist in style, it doesn’t matter if you choose a crystal chandelier.