Tips for Grooming Cats in Your Own Home

Tips for Grooming Your Cat at Home

Without human help, cats naturally like to take care of themselves. You must have often noticed your cat, your pet licking itself several times a day. For most parts of its body, cats can bathe themselves well. But sometimes, they need a little help from their owners.

Grooming as a form of care can be said to be one of the obligations of the owner. What’s more for Trubus Mania who maintains a furry cat. Like Persian cat, Angora and so on. Although it looks trivial, grooming can not only make cats clean and smell good, but also prevent them from getting skin diseases.

For Trubus Mania who has just raised a cat, you may be asking how to do it. Can you do it yourself at home? Basically you can, but you have to use special tools, special shampoos and other necessities.

The procedure must also be correct. Because if it doesn’t fit, it can have a bad impact on the cat. Trubus Mania who feels confident that he can do his own grooming at home, here are some tips for grooming cats at home quoted from the WebMD page.


Regular sessions with a brush or comb will help keep your cat’s hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading natural oils throughout the coat, preventing tangles and keeping the skin clean and irritation free. If your cat has short hair, you only need to brush it once a week.

First, use a metal comb. Brush the fur from head to tail.

Next, use a bristle or rubber brush to remove any loose or broken hair.

Brush extra gently near her chest and belly.

If the cat has long hair, brush it every day.

Start by combing his belly and legs. Be sure to untangle any knots or tangles.

Next, brush the bristles in an upward motion with a bristle or rubber brush.

To brush the tail, start in the middle and then work your way to the sides of the tail.

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If your cat’s coat is greasy or if it’s got something sticky and smelly, it’s best to give it a bath. Use a mild shampoo that is safe for use on cats, and follow these easy steps.

First, brush the cat well to remove any loose hair.

Place a rubber bath mat over the sink or tub to provide a secure footing.

Put the cat in a tub or sink that has been filled with about 7 to 10 Cm of warm water.

Use a spray hose to thoroughly wet the bristles. Be careful not to spray directly into his ears, eyes or nose.

If you don’t have a spray hose, a large plastic pitcher or shatterproof cup will help.

Gently massage while bathing with shampoo, starting from the head and then working the tail.

Thoroughly rinse with a spray hose or pitcher. Again, avoid ears, eyes and nose.

Dry the cat’s fur with a large towel.

Cut nails

Most people really don’t pay attention to a cat’s paws until they trim their nails. Be careful, some animals can get very angry with this completely unfamiliar sensation. That is why, it is necessary to get used to the cat by frequently touching its paws.

Every animal is different. But, chances are high that within a week or two, massage the feet every day. Cats will accept nail trimming without too much fuss. Here’s how to do it. Start by applying gentle pressure to the top of the foot and the cushion underneath. This will make him extend his claws.

Use sharp, high-quality cat nail clippers to trim the white end of each nail, just before the cat’s nails begin to curl.

Be careful to avoid the veins running down the nail. This pink area can be seen through the nail.

Well, basically, make grooming time a fun activity for both of you. Keep the first treatment session short, between five to 10 minutes. Gradually increase the time until your pet gets used to the routine. You should also let your pet cat get used to being handled. Get in the habit of petting every part of the cat, including the ears, tail, belly and back and especially the legs.

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