April 20, 2024


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What Is Needed to Clear a Small Land?

You may need to clear anything from a small backyard to an empty lot. After looking at the space, you’re most likely thinking, “How hard can it be?”

Trees, bushes, and yes—even those lonely patches of leftover grass—have spent years going their roots deep into the soil. If you try to go at the project with just a rake and a shovel, you may have quickly found that these unwanted remnants aren’t giving up without a fight. Most likely, you’ll need some small land clearing equipment for the job.

To learn more about what’s needed to clear a small plot of land, keep reading.

Gearing up for the Job

Before you start looking for stores that sell small equipment for land clearing, take a pause. You’ll need to evaluate the area you want to clear first. Even though the area is small, there are many things that could affect how you approach the project.

For instance, it’s helpful to think about what you want to do with the land. It also helps to think about the foliage, shrubs, and trees that are present in the space. It’s also vital to check for any applicable zoning laws that might determine what you are or are not allowed to do.

Finally, you’ll need to think about what you can do and what parts of the job may prove best left to a professional. You could even find that your homeowner’s insurance will pick up the cost of hiring a pro.

Finalizing Your Plans

Now, you’ll need to create a budget. Ultimately, your budget will help you figure out if your plan is doable.

Some parts of your project may require larger and more expensive tools. For example, you might need to remove a stump or an old structure.

These tasks may require renting a bulldozer or stump grinder. It’s critical to include some room in your budget for equipment rental if needed.

Small Land Clearing Equipment

Every land clearing project is different. Still, there are a few land clearing tools commonly used for the job.

For instance, you may need cutting tools like axes, chainsaws, or hatchets. If you’re falling trees, you may need a stump grinder to grind the remains of the tree stump below ground level.

You’ll also need to plan how you’ll dispose of any landscaping debris. Most likely, you’ll need to rent land clearing equipment.

For instance, you may need land clearing equipment that mulches small trees and underbrush. Mulching machines are helpful for clearing underbrush, small trees, and even leftover wood fencing.

How to Clear Land of Small Trees and Brush

Now for the fun part, clearing the land. It’s helpful to do things in a certain order.

You can begin by clearing away any unwanted structures. These structures might include:

• Barns

• Buildings

• Chicken coops

• Fences

• Sheds

Next, you can move on to cutting down unwanted trees. With any unwanted trees gone, you can now clear away undesirable features such as large rocks.

If needed, you can start working on removing tree stumps. This part of the job typically requires using a tree stump grinder.

Unless you’re comfortable with operating this kind of equipment, you may want to hire a professional for this part of the job. With all foliage, structures, and other unwanted features removed, you can now clear any remaining brush or weeds, plow the soil, and level the land.

Improve Your Home to Perfection!

With the right small land clearing equipment, you can complete your project successfully. Once you’ve completed a project, you’re sure to want to learn about other ways that you can improve your home. We can help.

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