June 20, 2024


Friendly Interior

Winter home improvement projects that pay off

By Holly Waldenmyer, President, Building Industry Association of Stark & East Central Ohio


After a busy holiday season, you may be ready to relax at home during the remaining winter months. If you’ve been thinking about making home updates, you don’t have to wait until the spring. Housing industry professionals are always ready to tackle new projects and work with suppliers year round.

Typically, during the “off-season,” home improvement experts offer discounts or lower prices to attract customers. While remodelers have been busy during the pandemic, you may find it easier to schedule a project during the winter months or get a break on the price.

Here are a few projects to consider during this winter season:

Refresh your floors

Hardwoods are a beautiful and classic feature of home decor. Like other home features, hardwoods need regular attention to maintain their appeal. Over time, dents and scratches can appear on your floor due to use.