May 19, 2024


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Wood Fencing Decoration Ideas for Spring

Sometimes wood fences need a little decoration to take them from dull and boring to beautiful and full of personality. This spring is the perfect time to start spicing up wood fence materials, but before you embark on this project, make sure you have installed durable types of wood fences in New Orleans that are in good shape and can support new additions by replacing anything missing, broken, or rotten.

When beautifying wood fences, it’s good to remember that anything in constant contact with cedar fence materials can trap moisture between the two surfaces and lead the wood to rot. It’s a smart idea to regularly check your fence for signs of damage and be on top of cleaning and resealing.

Here are some wood fencing decoration ideas:

Outdoor Art

The options for outdoor art that you can buy or create to adorn your wood fencing with are endless. You can hang outdoor art on the inside of the fence to make it seem like your home decor extends into your yard. More hands-on crafts can involve salvaged materials, such as wrought-iron work or old window frames, for decoration. For a three-dimensional look that is simple to hang and lightweight, consider weatherproof painted cast resin artwork for your wood fencing (bring it inside for the winter).

Another great option to hang (or lean if they are too big) on your wood fence is painted wood cutouts. You can find completed cutouts that are ready to hang or make one yourself with a stencil, jigsaw, wood, paint, and paint sealer, or pre-cut pieces that need to be painted.

Creating a mural, like a landscape, is excellent for those who are comfortable with a paintbrush along your fence. A more straightforward painting project can involve images of plants and flowers. Stencils also make painting objects, patterns, or designs on your fence easier.


Hanging birdhouses in your favorite styles on cedar fence materials can invite birds to come to visit your yard. Make sure to use the fence posts rather than the boards to hang the birdhouses as they are more robust and can support the weight of a family of birds.


Wreaths don’t have to be confined to the winter decoration category solely. You can make or buy a spring wreath out of dried grapevines to hang on your fence. You can even go a step further and add your favorite silk flowers to the wreath by securing them with waterproof superglue and coating them with waterproofing canvas spray.

Hanging Baskets

You can add decorative baskets full of flowers to your wood fence posts. A fun spin on this idea is to create live, framed art by installing deep shadow boxes along your fence and adding small pots of plants inside them.


As long as you are not violating any HOA restrictions regarding fence height, you can install a decorative trellis on the top of your fence and leave it bare or have climbing vines grow all over it. Adding a vertical trellis on the fence posts is also a fun idea.

Themed Decor

Dressing up your fence to go with the seasons or a favorite theme can add some spice to your wood fencing. You can add flags or ornaments for springtime holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. If there is a theme you enjoy, you can add objects and silhouettes that embody that theme to your fence. Remember to make sure the themed decor that is being hung on wood fences for more than a day is fade-resistant and waterproof.

Transforming your boring wood fencing into a lively and decorative fence will not only enhance your outdoor living space but will inspire you to enjoy and spend more time in your yard.