December 7, 2023


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10 Reasons to Own Property in Sarasota, FL

Are you finally ready to buy a second home? Are you excited to start spending winters down in Florida, so that you never have to see snow again?

Or are you planning to move to Florida permanently, for the ultimate warm, sunny lifestyle? Well, there are few better places to buy a property than in Sarasota FL.

Sarasota has everything you need, either as a snowbird or a full-time resident. And it’s one of the hottest markets in Florida, making it an exciting place to live with equity-building potential. 

Wondering what it’s like to live in Florida? Want to know why homeownership in Sarasota is in your best interest? Keep reading to discover the top 10 reasons to own a house in Florida today. 

1. Year-Round Warm Weather

Thinking about moving to Florida? The biggest reason most people make the move is the weather. 

With year-round warm weather, Florida is a hot spot for those who live in New England and the Midwest. With winter temperatures in the 70s most days, it’s an extremely comfortable place to be.

Rather than turning your active lifestyle off for a few months, as those in the north have to do when the snow falls, winter in Florida is the best time to be outdoors.

Hiking, fishing, golfing, biking, and lounging on the beach or by the pool are perfect winter activities in Sarasota. So leave the coats, hats, and gloves behind and pack your sandals, shorts, and sun hats so you can finally enjoy the winter months.

2. Appreciation

Sarasota is a popular destination, both for residents and vacationers. As a result, the real estate market is always on the rise, more so than in other parts of Florida.

Getting a property sooner rather than later will allow you to enjoy the rapid appreciation that comes with a beachside destination in the sunshine state. When you own property in Sarasota, you’ll have an asset that you can keep in the family for generations. 

3. World-Class Beaches

Sarasota is home to one of the most famous beaches in the country; Siesta Key Beach. This popular and beautiful beach is rated highly by authorities such as TripAdvisor and Conde Nast Traveler. 

The white sand feels like powder between and your toes, and the warm, crystal-clear water is comfortable to swim in year-round. And even though it will be hard to leave the beauty of Siesta Key, don’t sleep on the area’s other beaches.

Head to Longboat Key in the summer for fewer crowds and the chance to see sea turtles. Venice has some of the longest stretches of natural, undeveloped shoreline in the area. You’ll enjoy various hiking paths, boardwalks, plenty of bird species, and native plant life. Plus, you can bring your dog along with you. 

4. Rich Cultural Scene

Downtown Sarasota is full of life and rich in cultural expression. A high emphasis is put on the arts in this city. With many different galleries and events taking place year-round, there’s no shortage of opportunity to get inspired.  You’ll enjoy the chance to attend many of the city’s music festivals, boat parades, and offshore races.

And the food scene in Sarasota is more dynamic than in most cities in the area. From casual, hole-in-wall places, to elegant, fine dining, you’ll find a bit of everything in Sarasota. You can spend many months exploring the local food scene. 

But few things will beat fresh seafood, caught just off the coast that same morning. This is one of the great perks of living in any coastal Florida city. 

5. Variety of Housing

Sarasota has something for every type of buyer and resident. Snowbirds will typically choose a condo, to save on housing expenses since they only dedicate part of the year to living in Florida.

Retirees will often purchase a home or condo on one of the many golf courses nearby. And there are plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods that are perfect for those moving in full-time.

In fact, Lakewood Ranch ranks as the number two place to buy a home in the country. That’s right, not just in the state of Florida, but Lakewood Ranch is the best place to own a home in the whole country.

This 48-square mile community is located just inland from the coast and offers everything you need to live comfortably. With new construction homes being built all the time, it’s your chance to get your hands on a brand new piece of property.

You can read about the advantages of new construction homes here.

6. Sarasota FL Offers a Centralized Location

Yes, Sarasota has it all. As a result, you’ll rarely need to leave the city to enjoy most of what Florida has to offer.

But the location on the gulf-coast is centralized, making it easy to access other incredible places in Florida. The vibrant cities of Tampa and St Peterburg are just an hour away. And while Sarasota has its own airport, you may need to fly out of Tampa occasionally, particularly when traveling internationally.

Americans’ favorite city to visit, Orlando, is only about two hours away, giving you access to one of the most family-friendly cities to vacation to. Drive inland for about an hour and you’ll hit Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s largest lake and the country’s second-largest freshwater lake. It’s the top bass fishing destination in the country.

And by heading south, you can reach some of Florida’s most beloved locations; Fort Myers, Naples, The Everglades, and eventually the Florida Keys.

7. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If you like spending time outside, Sarasota is the perfect place to be. With warm weather throughout the year, you never have to stay inside. Even though downtown is bustling, the great outdoors is always accessible.

When the temperatures and humidity rise in the summer, you can spend your days on the water. Saltwater and freshwater fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling are available daily.

And when the temperatures calm down in the winter, it’s the perfect time to hit up Florida’s many hiking trails, biking trails, and scenic state parks. It’s the perfect place for those who enjoy riding or discovering local wildlife, as it abounds in the area’s parks.

There’s never a shortage of active outdoor activities in Sarasota. Plus, with many golf courses in the area, you can stay on top of your game all year long, unlike life in the long, harsh winters up north. 

8. Family Friendly

Sarasota is often seen as a city for young urbanites or retirees. But Sarasota is also very family-friendly. 

Your kids will love growing up on the gulf coast when they get to play outdoors all year long. They’ll fall in love with nature, getting to fish, paddle, and swim close to home.

Plus, the school districts in Sarasota County are some of the highest-rated in the state. There are also many schooling options, with an abundance of charter schools, private schools, and Montessori schools for those looking for alternative education for their children.

9. Affordability

Sarasota is one of the more expensive markets in Florida. However, when it comes to world-class beach destinations, it’s one of the most affordable to buy or rent. 

It helps that Florida doesn’t have a state income tax. So if you make Florida your permanent residence, you’ll enjoy plenty of savings there. Declaring Florida residency will also qualify you for the Homestead Exemption, which reduces the taxable value of your home, saving you money every year. 

Plus, the cost of energy is low compared to most major cities around the country.

And with plenty of more affordable housing and neighborhood options, your chance to live near the beach is realistic when you consider Sarasota. 

10. Ranked One of the Best Cities to Retire

Of course, when you are looking for a city to retire to, Sarasota is often at the top of the list. Factors that contribute to this are everything mentioned above; the weather, affordability, and taxes.

Sarasota also has top-quality, award-winning hospitals. So you can be confident in the quality of care you are going to receive. 

What to Keep in Mind When Moving to Florida

Sarasota is a remarkable place to call home. But Florida has special considerations that most other states don’t. 

For one, Florida is the most hurricane-prone state in the country. It shouldn’t scare you away from buying property here, you just need to be prepared.

You’ll need to have hurricane insurance on your property. Depending on the zone you live in, this may be more or less expensive. 

You’ll also want to invest in a hurricane kit right away. This is stocked with all the emergency supplies you’d need in the event you have to wait out a storm without power for a few days.

Also, keep in mind that alligators also call Florida home. They are just as afraid of you, just don’t surprise them. Be careful when letting dogs or children play near rivers or ponds.

Making the Move

Ready to pack up and call Sarasota FL your new home? Get rid of your snow shovel and winter boots once and for all and let yourself enjoy the sunshine state for the rest of your days.

Find a piece of property to call home in the great city of Florida today and start living out your warm-weather dreams.

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