May 17, 2024


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How Often Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

Are you wondering if your garage door needs to be replaced? When you start to hear extra strain as your door opens, it may be time to consult with a professional technician. After all, you want your garage door to function properly — and help your property look good.

Read on to learn how often you should replace your garage door!

A Noisy Door May Need to Be Replaced

Wondering when to replace your garage door? If you can hear your garage door a little too well, you may need to take action. Excess noise could indicate the presence of grime or dirt  — or rusted parts.

If the chains used to operate the door are rusty, it’s smart to call a professional before the rest of your door deteriorates, too. This company can offer budget-friendly garage door replacement solutions. 

Watch for a Sagging Garage Door

Is your garage door sagging or misaligned? The good news is that with this issue, you might not need to spring for a new door. But you may need to spring for new springs. 

Extension and torsion springs keep your garage door running effectively. Both springs have life cycles determined by the frequency of use. The more often you use your door, the sooner you’ll need to replace the springs.

And the extension springs tend to be the first of the two to stop working properly. You’ll know this when your door seems like it is off-kilter, sagging, or bent. If a spring breaks, check other parts of our garage door that move, as well. 

Consider a Garage Door’s Lifespan

Garage doors can last up to two decades, depending on a variety of factors. If you live in a climate with winter snowstorms or stormy summer weather, you may be exposing your door to harsher conditions. And this can wear down the door more quickly.

Determine how old your garage door is. If the door itself doesn’t need a replacement, its springs may. They can go bad after about 5 years. Ask a professional to perform annual maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your door.

Are You Selling Your House?

If you’re planning to list your home, you need to consider its curb appeal. You want your home to look fresh and updated on the outside, so that means you’ll need to make appropriate updates — including garage door updates. This is especially true if your home has a front-facing garage door that is highly visible.

Prospective buyers will be interested in seeing both how your garage door looks and works. Peeling paint, dents, and noisy operation are all issues to address. They mean that you should investigate cosmetic and structural repairs.

Look into Replacing Your Garage Door

Fixing or replacing your garage door needs to be part of your home maintenance game plan. Listen for excess noise, watch for sagging, and consider your long-range plans. If you have a move on the horizon, you can make your property more attractive with a new garage door. 

For more home improvement ideas to keep your property in good shape, check back for new articles.