May 19, 2024


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4 Tips for Buying a First Home, Millennials and Young Couples Must Read!

A Millennial's Guide to Buying Their First Home: Here's How - Experian

Feeling nervous and a little confused when it comes to buying a house? Don’t worry, it’s normal.  Buying a house is a big and heavy thing, especially if this experience is your first. 

The process of buying a house includes a lot of steps and requirements that you have to go through and fulfill. Not to mention the expensive house prices, of course you don’t want to make the wrong purchase and lose money, or not be able to pay the installments in the middle of the road. If you need who can help you to buy house, visit this

To guide you, we’ve put together some home buying tips that can give you an idea of ​​the preparations you need to think about right now. Come on , take a look!

Choose the right house

Of course, choosing the right home is the first step in home buying tips. 

There are many aspects that you need to consider in choosing a house, ranging from land area, building area, number of bedrooms, number of floors, to home facilities and housing facilities. After considering the criteria for the house, you also have to look at the environment. 

Here are some things to consider when buying a home:

1. Availability of educational facilities

2. Know the crime rate of the neighborhood

3. Know the health facilities, shopping places, and other public facilities that you need

4. Get to know the level of congestion, noise pollution and crowded environment

After determining the house you want, then we go to the step of preparing mortgage installments. Please note, there are generally three ways to buy a house, namely paying in cash, installments in stages and mortgage installments .

For tips on buying a house this time, we present tips on buying a house through mortgage installments because this method of buying a house is the way that most people choose.

Choose the right mortgage payment

Home Purchase Credit (KPR) is the most popular way to buy a house. Now the ads for home loans offered by banks are increasingly diverse. 

Choosing the right mortgage installment scheme for you is something that requires careful consideration. 

Here are things you should pay attention to when choosing a mortgage loan:

1. Compare mortgage installments between banks

2. Pay attention to the rate and type of interest

3. Find out about the bank’s policy when there is a change in interest rates

4. Know the policies, terms, and penalties if the mortgage is paid off prematurely

5. Know the total cost of the mortgage (assessment fee, notary fee, PPAT sale and purchase deed, etc.)

6. Know the credit terms and documents that must be provided

Of all the tips for buying a mortgage house above, one that is quite important is paying attention to the level and type of interest.  Don’t get hung up on light interest in the early years of installments because it’s an installment promo. Make sure you assess your financial capacity based on the floating interest rate that you have to pay when the installment promo is over.