May 19, 2024


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What Are the Benefits of Installing Triple Glazed Windows in My Home?

Replacing all of the windows in your home with fancy new glass might sound like a pointless and pointlessly expensive plan. However, adding triple-glazed windows to your home can boost your energy efficiency as well as your overall comfort level. 

Read on to learn how just a few panes of glass can make such a big impact on your everyday life. 

Reduce Noise

The best home windows are multifunctional. A good window will not only provide you with light, a nice view, and architectural interest, but it will also improve the comfort of your home.

Triple pane windows are a great way to reduce noise in your home, especially if you live near a busy road. There are three layers of glass with gas between each layer in a triple-glazed window. These five layers absorb the bulk of the outside noise before it reaches inside your home. 

Most triple-glazed windows use argon or krypton for the gas layer. These noble gases are incredibly stable, which makes them safe for home use. They absorb sound and heat without blocking the view from your window or putting you at risk. 

Increase Energy Efficiency

While cutting down on traffic noise, triple-glazed windows can also give you a more energy-efficient home. The same layers that keep noise out can keep the air in.  

These types of windows can be pricey, but they’ll pay for themselves in saved energy costs over their lifetime. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to keep the temperature in your home steady, so you’ll save on maintenance costs for that system, too!

To find out the value of installing triple glazed windows, use this glazing quote calculator to get an estimate for what triple pane windows would cost you. Then compare it to up to 30% in energy savings. It won’t take long for triple glazed windows to pay for themselves!

Extend the Life of Your Furnishings

In the home window industry, glazers are constantly working to improve what your windows can do for you. Modern triple glazed windows now come with a special coating called Low-E.

Low-E blocks UV rays from entering your home without stopping light from coming through the windows. This protects your furniture and flooring from sun fading. Light not only fades fabrics, but it can permanently weaken and damage them.

Blocking UV rays will preserve the textiles in your home and prevent sun-fading on everything from wooden floors and furniture to artwork. 

Triple Your Comfort with Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows can greatly improve the comfort of your home. They’ll keep noises out, pleasant temperatures in, and your favorite furnishings in peak condition. 

The best design marries form with function. Triple pane windows give you triple the function at any shape and size, making them well worth the investment. 

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