May 19, 2024


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5 Types of Grass You Should Know

Did you know that there are more than a dozen different types of grasses? If your grass is not looking its best and you are looking to replace it, but do not know which type of grass to choose, you are in the right place. We put together this guide to share some of the best types of grass. 

Keep reading to learn more to help you choose grass that fits your needs best. 

1. Bahia Grass

If you live in an area of high heat and high humidity, then this is a great option for you. It is a tough turfgrass that is resistant to hotter temperatures. It does not need a lot of water to survive and it thrives under partial shade or full sun. Because it is rougher than other turfgrasses it can handle foot traffic as well. 

2. Artificial Grass

Another option is to go with artificial grass. This is great because it is very low maintenance and if you opt for a high quality option it will work great with kids and pets. If you want to go this route you will never have to mow your lawn or water it. 

The main thing you have to do is invest in a brush to brush it once in a while and wash it here and there. You can look at all of the options available on artificial grass direct to see which one you would prefer.

3. Kentucky Bluegrass

This grass option is best for homes located in colder climates. The grass itself it soft but still resistant to foot traffic and lawnmowers. It does best in sun and partial shade but not in highly shaded areas.  

One big pro of this option is that it is highly resistant to disease. 

4. St. Augustine

This is another popular grass option for warmer climates because it is highly heat resistant. It is a very tough grass making it very popular in the south area of the United States. St. Augustine has the ability to deal with heavy rains and it also has to be watered often. 

A big pro is that it is resistant to high level of foot traffic and to lawn tools.

5. Fine Fescue 

Fine fescue grass is better for cooler climate regions because it can’t bear long periods of dry and hot weather. It has the ability to thrive in either full sun or shade and it can also withstand fluctuations in temperature. Keep in mind that if your property has plenty of trees this grass will grow well underneath those trees.

Now You Know Some of the Top Types of Grass Options

We hope that now that you have our list of some of the most common types of grass, you can make an informed decision on the best grass option for your area. 

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