September 24, 2023


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The Complete Guide That Makes Staging Your Home for Sale Simple

When you’re preparing to sell a house, it’s wise to show it while it’s looking its best. Luckily, home staging can transform your house into a beautiful, welcoming, and inviting space for potential buyers.

Staging your home for sale doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and costly project. On the contrary; many benefits come with staging, so much so that it usually ends up paying for itself.

Try these simple yet effective home staging tips, and you might find that there’s more money in your pocket at closing time. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Should I Stage My Home?

You may be thinking that staging your home is a waste of time and not worth the effort. However, this is far from the truth because there are many reasons why it’s an excellent idea.

For one, staging your home ahead of time may help you secure a quicker sale. It usually takes buyers around 30 to 45 days to purchase a house. If you thoroughly prepare your home, you may be able to speed up this process.

Plus, you might be able to get a greater sale price for your house if you stage it before placing it on the market. Clean, appealing homes often sell for a higher price than other houses.

When you’re ready to get started, check out the home staging essentials below. If you want a professional look for the best result, hire a real estate agent for more help and advice.

Clear Out Any Clutter

Imagine this: you walk into a home and find a whole bunch of junk and clutter that isn’t yours. It makes the place look smaller and dirty.

What would you think? More importantly, would you buy that house?

Clutter takes up space, and that isn’t good for sales. Potential buyers would rather see an empty, clean space to imagine their things inside. If it’s filled with someone else’s stuff, it makes it hard for them to think of it as their own.

Things that count as clutter may include:

  • Mail and papers
  • Games, books, collections, etc.
  • Most decor (You can keep out a few select pieces)
  • Too many clothes and other stuff crowding the closets

You don’t need to get rid of your things for good. You just need to declutter the home by packing them up and getting them out of the house. When there’s less clutter in your home, it’ll look bigger and more appealing to buyers.

Stage Where It Counts

It’s essential to keep in mind that some areas of the house are more important to prepare. This is because certain rooms have a more significant potential to influence a buyer’s decision than others.

The rooms at the top of the list include the master bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen. You’ll want to focus your time on these rooms first to make the best impression.

Rearrange Your Furniture

The goal of rearranging your furniture is to leave as much open space as you can. This will help buyers visualize their own furniture and belongings in each room.

Keep only your best pieces of furniture out and get rid of any oversized or damaged items. Arrange the rest of your furniture to make the home look as spacious as possible.

Make Needed Repairs

If your home needs any repairs, now is the time to tackle them. This may include removing nicks and scuffs in walls, paint touch-ups, and more.

The purpose of making these repairs is as much about showing buyers that you’ve put work into preserving the property as it is about making the house look pleasant and inviting.

Clean, Clean, Clean

When you’re selling your home, it’s time to clean like you’ve never cleaned before!

People will be in and out, inspecting every inch of your property. You want it to shine from the ceilings to the baseboards and everywhere in between.

A clean home sells itself. Buyers looking for a well-kept place for their growing family can be assured that the previous owners took exceptional care of the house. Such an impression creates a positive impact on buyers and helps sell the property at a higher price.

Choose Neutral Tones

When refreshing the paint, flooring, or other decor in your house, it’s best to go with neutral tones.

Although bright colors can express personality and make a room pop, they can be a major turn-off for house hunters. Bold colors can also distract from a room and furniture.

A neutral-painted home is a blank slate for buyers to decorate however they want, or leave it neutral and fresh. Tones from neutral hues of gray to classic whites and creams will allow buyers to imagine their dream home in any color they like.

Lighten Up the Rooms

Open the blinds and let some natural light into your home. Brightening up your rooms will make them seem bigger and more inviting.

Ensure all of the lights are on during showings, including any lamps or closet and bathroom lights. This can help buyers easily see everything and navigate the house without issues.

Make a Great First Impression

Make a positive first impression on potential buyers: refresh your front entrance.

The front entrance to your house is the most eye-catching part, so make sure it has a rich, inviting feel. While curb appeal is an important consideration, a quality entryway is vital to creating that positive feeling for buyers.

Holiday decor, wreaths, or seasonal items should be removed. First impressions are lasting impressions, so keep things clean, inviting, and free of clutter.

A few accent pieces like a well-designed front door or a charming doormat can give the entrance to your home a personal touch that’ll make visitors feel comfortable stopping in.

Start Staging Your Home for Sale Today

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly as a for sale by owner (FSBO) house or with the help of an agent, it’s crucial to engage in smart home staging tactics. You don’t need to break the bank to stage your home, and staging doesn’t have to be complicated.

Turn your listing into a gem in no time by staging your home with the simple steps we’ve listed above. 

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