April 9, 2024


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5 Ways Getting New Windows Can Save You Money in the Long Run


Are you in the market for new windows? Are you wondering how much new windows cost, and if the price is worth it?

Many folks avoid getting new windows because they’re concerned about the money they’ll be spending. Yet you may be surprised to know that new windows can save you a good deal of cash in the long run.

Here’s what you need to know about the value of getting new home windows.

How Much Do New Windows Cost?

The national average for the cost of windows is around $650 per window. To replace the windows in a 3-bedroom house, you could spend anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.

The actual cost of window replacement will depend upon a number of factors. For example, if you need the frame replaced along with the window, you could end up paying more.

You could also pay more for labor depending upon your geographical location. If your climate is extremely cold or hot, you could end up paying more for sturdier windows. The cost will also depend upon your window materials.

Standard vinyl window frames, for example, tend to be more affordable. Wood frames give you a more distinctive look, but you could end up paying more. Fiberglass frames also cost a bit more than vinyl options, although they will give you a similar result in terms of insulation.

Larger windows will likely cost you more than smaller ones. Their location within your house will also play a role.

For example, windows in your basement will probably cost you less than those in your bedroom and dining room. Larger, picture windows could double or triple the price.

You’ll also pay more if you’ve got several panes in your windows, or if your home is exceptionally old. In order to understand the exact price of windows in your area, it pays to get estimates from at least three local companies. 

A window professional such as those at https://coloradoclassicexteriors.com/ can give you an honest expectation of what your job will cost. You can begin to budget based on this. You can also choose to replace a few windows at a time to try to keep your costs more manageable.

How Can New Windows Help You Save Money?

Believe it or not, new, energy-efficient windows can help you save anywhere from $126 to $366 per year. These savings can be even greater if you live in a more extreme climate, or if you have larger windows.

The way this works is simple. You’re spending a significant amount of money to heat and cool your home each year, especially if you live in a more extreme climate. Much of the climate-controlled air pumping through your house is lost if you have old or inefficient windows.

Because you’re being more energy-efficient, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint. Your doors and skylights will play a role in this, too.

New energy-efficient windows can help with insulation in colder climates, and with cooling in southern climates. In addition, new windows can help protect your home from UV rays, which are damaging to your skin and health. These new windows can also help protect your furnishings and window coverings from fading and discoloration.

Another money-saving benefit of new windows is the tax credit you’ll be getting. You can get a credit for up to 22% of the cost of installing new, energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights. 

You can also consider how energy-efficient windows will increase the value of your home. In fact, you can expect to raise the value by 3/4 of the cost of the windows themselves.

Purchasing new windows may seem like a big investment. Yet the cost is well worth it considering how much you’ll save in energy costs, taxes, and home value improvements. And you’ll make your home more attractive and comfortable at the same time!

Who Should I Hire to Replace My Windows?

When you’re getting ready to replace your windows, it helps to hire a local company. There may be issues with your climate and regulations that require some local expertise. It will also take the company only a short while to get out to you if there’s ever a repair issue.

To begin your search, ask friends and family for recommendations of local window companies they’ve been happy with. Ask them if the service was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You’ll also want to find out about any possible problems you should be aware of.

Social media community groups are also a great place to ask for ideas. A few different people recommending the same place can help give you extra confidence.

You’ll also want to read reviews before you hire a window company. While one or two bad reviews aren’t a deal-breaker, you’ll want to be on the lookout for patterns that could send up red flags.

Make sure you talk to a few different companies about prices before you hire someone. The lowest-priced window company may not be right for you because you’ll want to take quality into account. However, you’ll want to know that the company you’re hiring is reasonably priced for your neighborhood. 

The Value of New Windows

Homeowners can sometimes be taken aback by the cost of maintaining their new abodes. However, improvements such as new windows can really save you money in the long run. And you’ll be adding value to one of your most precious investments.

Don’t stop getting smart about your home now. For more great advice, read our blog today.