July 14, 2024


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What Is a Sintra PVC Board?


Are you a business owner looking to make your organization stand out this summer? Or, are you a real estate agent seeking to grab the attention of homebuyers? It may be time to invest in high-quality signage.

Research shows that about eight out of 10 consumers reported entering businesses for the first time simply based on their signs. Likewise, real estate signs remain an effective way to get home seekers to contact listing agents directly.

Of course, not all signs are created equal. For this reason, you may want to consider using Sintra PVC boards for your signs.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about Sintra PVC boards and why you need them to stand out.

What Is a Sintra PVC Board?

Sintra PVC, or polyvinyl chloride board is a popular type of board used for exhibits, signage, printing for trade shows, screen printing, and photo mounting. In fact, it has been an industry standard in recent years for multiple reasons.

First, this material features a matte finish that is low gloss. This will prevent your board/sign from being hard to see no matter what type of light it might be under. As a result, the content on your signage will remain readable and clear.

Second, this type of PVC is lightweight. As a result, Sintra PVC can effortlessly be thermoformed, glued, riveted, nailed, and stapled.

Additional Reasons to Use a Sintra PVC Board

One of the chief reasons to use a Sintra PVC board is that by using various techniques for board fabrication, you can easily shape, color, or cut your board into any shape you wish. 

In addition, Sintra PVC boards are available at varying levels of thickness. Thus, you can easily find a board that is as thick or as thin as you need it for your given application.

Sintra PVC boards are additionally chemical resistant. They are also extremely high quality and durable and thus work well for outdoor use.

In fact, because Sintra PVC is resistant to scrapes, cuts, and dents, you can expect your board to remain polished and attractive over time, even when it faces the elements. This material will hold up well in both outdoor environments and indoor settings long-term. 

Capitalize on the Many Benefits of Sintra PVC Boards Today

With Sintra remaining an industry-leading PVC board, now may be an ideal time to take advantage of its benefits for your advertising needs.

With Sintra PVC, you can confidently create point-of-purchase displays, real estate signs, props for photo booths, and kiosks, for example. You can also use it for all of your framing needs.

Consider all of the above-listed advantages of Sintra PVC to make your organization or cause stand out for all the right reasons this summer.

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