May 19, 2024


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Check out these Unique Custom Key Caps for this Locally Made Keyboard

A Guide to Keycap Profiles and Materials - Switch and Click

The uniqueness of a mechanical keyboard is the flexibility to make modifications. Can replace switches. Can also uninstall key caps. So that the owner’s keyboard display is unique. According to their taste. Can be colorful, plain, even have an unusual shape.

Sunarto, for example, has had a hobby of mechanical keyboards since 2-3 years ago. He joins a group of fellow mechanical keyboard enthusiasts at home and abroad.

“From day to day, it turns out that the hobby of mechanical keyboards continues to grow. The group members continued to grow. Currently, the mechanical keyboard is not just a work tool. But as a hobby and collection event, “he said.

Seeing a business opportunity, Sunarto then made his own key caps. Everything is designed and made by hand, aka non-manufacturing. The shape of the custom key caps design is also diverse. From skulls, Hellboy characters to Thanos. The price also varies. From IDR 70 thousand to hundreds of thousands per key caps.

“Because it started as a hobby, there are not many products. However, in the future, I plan to make more varied products, as well as buy modern tools so that artisan making does not only use the sculpting method so that it can reduce the modeling time. For example,

From a membrane keyboard or a rubber dome, users usually start experimenting with mechanical keyboards. After that, they will not return to the membrane keyboard again. Some even fall deeper. That is to be a hobbyist. Once they have one mechanical keyboard, they will look for or buy another keyboard. Just to get a different sensation, or for a collection. Because every mechanical keyboard is unique