Compact Shelving Ideas for Small Homes

Did you know that more than half of Americans said they would consider living in a tiny home? If you recently transitioned to a smaller space and are now looking for compact shelving solutions for your new space, we are here to help. We have put together this short guide to share some great compact shelving ideas. 

Keep reading to get some more small shelving ideas and get those creative wheels spinning. 

1. Peg Boards

One great way to get more space out of your kitchen is to peg your culinary tools. Hang a sheet of pegboard above your stovetop or on your backsplash and hang hooks for everything from your kitchen towels to your measuring cups to your cooking utensils. 

2. Underneath the Steps

If your tiny home has stairs leading to a loft area then you have a few different shelving options. You can either put smaller floating shelves along the handrail with unique and modern shelf brackets. You can visit website to check out these Scandinavian-inspired brackets that come in a variety of colors and sizes.  

You can also use the space underneath the stairs to create some shelving areas or to use as storage. Another option is to find a shelf that will fit right before the first step with multiple shelves going up the wall. 

3. Pot Racks

This storage trick will come in handy in the kitchen and save some drawer space in your tiny house. Hang a pot rack from the ceiling and show off your pots. You can use that cabinet space for flatware or to give you more room to store food if you are tight on space in your pantry. 

4. Substitute Closet Space

Another way to get some more storage space in your tiny home is to make entryway storage by using a variety of hooks and open shelves. Create a completely customized area that works for your needs. You can use baskets or bins on top of the shelves to sort whichever items you want to place in this open closet area. 

5. Stagger Shelves

Sometimes boxy shelving units will make a small room feel smaller than it really is or overpowers the space. You can use stagger shelves such as ladder-style shelving units that start larger at the bottom and get narrower towards the top. 

This look will help lighten the feel of a small room making it feel bigger. If you are handy you can opt to build a DIY ladder bookcase to ensure that it has enough shelves for your needs. 

Which of These Compact Shelving Ideas Will You Choose?

We hope that now that you have our top compact shelving ideas, you can pick and choose the ones you love most. 

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