April 21, 2024


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How To Clean Artificial Plants?

How to Clean Your Artificial Green Wall

Everyone loves natural plants, but not everyone can keep real plants in their house for several reasons. Here comes the rescuer, the artificial plants! So if you want to make your living space greener and cleaner artificial plants are the best alternative to real plants. 

You do not need to water the artificial plants and they don’t require any fertilizers. However, there is a challenging aspect if you want to keep artificial plants. Dust covers them, and they may look dirty. Therefore, you need to clean them after every few weeks. 

To keep your artificial plants fresh and green, dust them regularly and deep clean them occasionally. 

How to Clean Artificial Plants?

If your plant is new and has slight dust, you can quickly clear it with an electrostatic duster, and it will shine as if you have just bought it today. However, dirt can be stubborn for older artificial plants and requires a deep cleaning. So, if your artificial plant also requires deep cleaning, follow the following steps. 

Cleaning of Individual Artificial Flowers

Put each flower end into a pillowcase or a cloth shopping bag. Now add cornmeal or a cup of table salt into the pillowcase. Hold the flowers covering in the pillowcase near the stem and gently shake the flowers. By shaking, the cornmeal or salt will knock the dust particles out of the flowers. Remove the stems one by one, and flick each stem softly to dislodge the salt.

Cleaning of Plastic or Polyester Plants 

The right way to clean plastic plants varies depending on whether we can remove them from their pot or not. If they cannot be removed from the pot, you must protect the pot while you rinse the plant. 

How to Clean Artificial Plants that are Permanently fixed in the Pot?

Seal the base of the stems with a garbage bag using painter’s tape or a rubber band to keep the container dry. Now cover it in a towel for additional protection. Then hold the plant leaves under the shower or your kitchen sink and rinse them with clean, cold water. 

You can remove the excess moisture by gently shaking the plants. Then pat the stems and leaves with a clean towel. Now you can unwrap the plant from the garbage bag and protection towel. 

Method to Clean Artificial Plants that Are Removable from the Container

Put off the plant out of the Pot. Keep aside the soil covering or any decorative moss. Now swish the leaves in a sink with cold water and one tablespoon of mild liquid dish wash detergent. 

Then, rinse the plant thoroughly under a tap or a hose sprayer with cold water. In the end, gently shake the plants to dislodge the excess water and place it on a dry and clean towel keeping it away from direct sunlight or heat. 

Final Verdict

Deep cleaning of artificial plants is important if you want them to look fresher and greener. There are several easy steps to clean the fixed plants in the Pot. You can also easily clean the plants that can be removed from the container by following a few simple steps. 

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