June 21, 2024


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The Different Types of Replacement Windows for Houses

If you’re planning to sell your home, want to remodel, or it’s just time to say goodbye to your current windows, it’s important to choose the right type of windows for your climate and your unique needs.

There are many types of replacement windows available, ranging from traditional to revolutionary materials and designs.

Read on to learn more about the various window styles you can choose from so you can decide which option is best for your home.

Single and Double-Hung

You’re probably familiar with the terms single-hung and double-hung windows, but what does it mean? Single-hung windows have a fixed top sash, which means that only the bottom portion of the window can be opened.

You’ll find single-hung windows in many coastal areas, and in locations that deal with frequent high winds. That’s because these types of replacement windows can be locked at the top to help prevent air from getting in or leaking out.

Single-hung windows are a little bit more difficult to clean. However, they’re also less expensive than double-hung windows.\

Double-hung windows are the more popular choice, and they provide your home with a classic, clean look. These windows can be opened at both the top and bottom section, which helps to make cleaning them much easier. 

Most double-hung windows have a tilt-in sash that you can bring inside for easy cleaning. THey’re also great to help bring fresh air inside since the bottom and top sashes can be adjusted as needed.

Types of Replacement Windows: Sliding Designs

While single and double-hung windows open vertically, sliding windows open from side to side. These home windows are ideal for parts of your home where you can’t easily open a traditional hung window.

Most sliding windows are located over smaller areas such as the kitchen sink or a toilet in the bathroom. The sliding design makes them extremely easy to operate, and they’re also a wonderful choice if you want a large, picturesque view.

In general, most sliding-style windows are wider than they are tall. This provides you with a clear, open view while making it easy to enjoy the breeze and fresh air during the warmer months of the year.

Casement and Awning Style Windows

The casement and awning window style opens either vertically or horizontally. The vertical window swings away from the house, while the horizontal style opens up from the bottom.

Casement and awning window styles are opened with a small hand crank. You’ll commonly find these kinds of windows installed in homes located in windy or rainy climates since you can adjust them more accurately to let in fresh air or keep moisture out.

The crank-style opening of these windows makes them a less desirable option than windows that slide open and shut. You also won’t be able to install a window A/C unit if you have a crank-out window installed in any specific room.

Picture Windows

If you live in an area with fantastic views, a picture window is a beautiful choice. These large windows don’t open, but they’re perfect for framing beautiful vistas without having to worry about safety.

A picture window is best in parts of the home where there is limited access, such as a vaulted ceiling or an area with recessed walls. You can also mix and match your picture window with other styles to create a unique look and get more functionality from them.

One functional, attractive design is to install a picture window in front of a beautiful view, then add two casement windows or two double-hung windows with one on each side. That way, you’ll enjoy the extra airflow while getting more natural light and a part of your home that maintains a nice, unobstructed view.

Bay Windows

These residential windows are common in many homes, and they’re made of a central picture window surrounded by other tall and narrower windows. The surrounding windows are usually double-hung, casement, or picture style.

Inside the bay window is a small platform that juts out into the room. You can use this area as seating space or as a built-in shelf for displaying plants, photographs, and other items.

A bay window protrudes from the outside of your house, and it gives your home lots of architectural interest and more natural light. They’re usually installed in living rooms at the front of the home, but you may find them on the back of some homes, too. Be sure to contact a local window replacement or repair company that specializes in bay windows if you need help. 

Architectural Shaped Windows

Besides bay windows, architectural windows can add lots of visual appeal and interest to your home. This window style comes in a variety of unique shapes that add more light to the home while giving it lots of extra character.

Architectural-shaped windows can have sharp angles, round transoms, and soft corners depending on your favorite design. They’re a bit more expensive than most replacement windows due to their unique shape and size. Contact several window retailers near you to find out what types of options are offered in your area.

Find Your Perfect Window

With so many types of replacement windows out there, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your home. Whether it’s a picture window, a sliding window, or something in a unique shape, there’s something available for everyone to enjoy.

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