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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 25, 2022


In this week’s radio show, some good news on the home improvement horizon, plus some tips for painting and how to fix a bowed stud.

Home Improvement News

Lumber prices are falling after months of price increases. (elenaleonova, Getty Images Signature)

Good news on the home improvement front! Lumber prices are starting to fall.

At the start of the year, the price of lumber was $1,112 per thousand board feet, and as of June 23, the price has fallen to $617 per thousand board feet, according to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

So, if you’ve been thinking about replacing a fence or building a deck, there’s some hope in sight.

But, there’s also more to keep in mind. If you’re planning a project, you’ll need to order things well in advance. The lead times on some common materials may take a lot longer than you think. 

The average delivery time for materials increased in May to 85 days, according to the Institute for Supply Management’s latest manufacturing report.

Joe is installing a bay window, and he ordered it a few weeks ago and it’s supposed to come in at the end of July. (They didn’t tell him the year so we’re assuming it’s next month!)

So, if you want to complete a new project this year or buy a new appliance, don’t put it off! 

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The Magic formula to Vanishing Brushstrokes

It is possible to get the glimpse of airbrushed painted cupboards although making use of a paintbrush. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

Here’s a painting suggestion from this Today’s House owner Television set episode on how to make brush marks disappear. 

Incorporate an additive like Flood Floetrol Latex Paint Additive to your paint. Increase a little little bit to the paint and it does an incredible work of evening out the brushstrokes. 

Also, never skimp on a low-priced foam brush. Buy a good-excellent brush that will final a lengthy time. 

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How to Straighten a Bowed Stud

If you discover a bowed stud just after getting rid of drywall, you can fix it with out removing the whole board. (Pancaketom)

Gordon Lipinski in Akron, Ohio is in the middle of a key tub renovation. He ripped out an previous bathtub to change it with a large shower.

Even so, when he went to install the cement backer board to the 2-by-4 wall body, he observed that a person stud is bowed out somewhat, making it unattainable to set the backer board flat towards the wall.

“There’s no easy way to eliminate the bowed stud now, so should really I shim out the other four studs or is there some way to straighten out the bowed stud?” he asks.

To resolve this so the backer board is amount versus the stud, use a cordless saw to vertically slice the stud alongside the bowed area.

Before you lower, pop a line from prime to bottom. This will get it back again in line with the wall.

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All around the Garden

Closeup of a pressure washer shooting out water on a deck during a cleaning.
Make deck dust and buildup vanish with the swipe of a tension washer wand. (DepositPhotos)

If you appreciate producing or enhancing out of doors spaces like I do, you know how discouraging it can be when they begin to get dingy and dirty. 

It’s inevitable, that pergola, deck or paver patio you built will sooner or later start to assemble dirt and mildew right until it appears old and exhausted — stealing the joy you employed to come to feel each individual time you seemed at your development. 

With the swipe of a force washer wand, your deck or patio can go from cruddy to clean in minutes. 

So here are some ideas to make the work faster and extra successful. 

  • First, pick out the suitable cleansing resolution. If you’re making use of the stress wand to utilize it, be positive the components is “pressure washer safe.” Something that contains bleach can damage the pump in your machine. Even so, if you have to have bleach, implement it individually with a pump-up sprayer. 
  • Up coming, select the right suggestion. Most tension washers occur with a assortment of suggestions ranging from a narrow position to a wide enthusiast pattern. The finer the pattern the better the opportunity of carrying out destruction to softer surfaces like wood. Person a broader tip for a fence or deck than you would for a patio or driveway. 
  • Ultimately, get some very good accessories. A single of my favorites is the cleaning disc that snaps on to the wand in place of the pressure idea. Inside of the disc there are two wonderful suggestions that spin in a circle to thoroughly clean huge, flat places rapid. In addition, there’s a lot less opportunity of leaving streaks behind when you are done. 

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