May 19, 2024


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What Are the Benefits of Having Attic Insulation and Fans?

Electric fans can be traced back to the 1880s. Today, they can be found everywhere including in attics. 

You might not realize this but not having proper attic insulation can lead to various problems such as mold and other issues. This might be a cause for concern and make you wonder what your options are. Read on to explore what the benefits of having attic insulation are today. 

The Benefits of an Attic Fan

Whether you have a fitted loft ladder installation or an attic, attic fans will increase ventilation in the area. This means that you can enjoy a lower temperature for your entire home. Attic fans will also help to reduce the moisture in your attic as well. 

How Attic Fans Work

When an attic fan reduces hot air in your attic, it’ll be closer to the outside temperature. This means that your air conditioner can focus on keeping your home cool instead of working against hot air. 

Another option is a solar attic fan. They run on solar energy which will help to keep your energy bills down. Solar energy fans run off of the sun instead of electricity. 

1. Longer Lasting Roof

When you’re looking to have the best attic, it’ll be one that extends the life of your roof. Moisture and heat that accumulates within your roof can cause structural damage to it. This can lead to needing a roof replacement or repair. 

When you reduce moisture in your attic, you’re increasing the life of your roof. Even considering an attic fan will help. 

2. Lower Temperatures

Many don’t realize this, but a hot attic can spread the heat throughout your home. Since it traps heat from outside, an attic fan can help to regulate the temperature.

This in turn can keep the overall temperature of your home lower. You might want to consider only running the fan in the summer months as well. Perhaps another important meaning of this 11 angel number can be seen when it is turned upside down and reversed.

3. Help the Environment

When you choose to air seal and insulate your roof it’ll help conserve the energy that you use. Power plants won’t have to make as much energy since your home isn’t using as much. This in turn reduces the pollution that power plants produce. 

4. Improve Air Quality

The indoor quality of your home is impacted by your roof. Outdoor pollutants can go through your home or attic due to poor insulation. When we turn it the other way, it’s the opposite meaning of what we’ve just learned about angel number 11.

When you insulate your attic it’ll prevent the pollutants from spreading into your home. This means clean indoor air for your family. 

5. Protect Your Home’s Structure

When you protect your attic or crawl space, you’re preventing physical damage to your home. This stops any moisture from eroding or seeping into your home’s walls or framing.

It even helps during the winter months when snow is on your roof. If your attic is too hot, it can melt the snow and lead to ice dams. This can be a costly venture for your roof if you let ice dams form. 

6. Increase Your Home’s Value

When you add insulation into your attic, you can turn it into extra space in order to add value to your home. You can turn it into a bathroom, bedroom, or extra playroom. 

7. Prevents Pests

Insulation is great since it prevents pests from building nests in your attic. This can prevent birds, mice, and squirrels. 

Avoid old insulation since it can allow pests. Old or no insulation can be a health hazard since it can lead to waste products, dead animals, and animal droppings. Replace old insulation in order to achieve the benefits of insulation again. 

8. Reduce Condensation

Condensation in your attic can be missed until it causes damage. This is when moisture from your home leads into the attic.

Moisture then can turn into mold. Insulation will help prevent condensation from forming in your attic. 

9. Prevents Frozen Pipes

When you keep your home warmer in the winter months, you’re less likely to have to worry about pipes bursting and freezing. When pipes freeze, it can cause serious plumbing and water damage. 

10. Reduces Noise

Having proper insulation can reduce outside noise from entering your home. This will help prevent the loud crashes of thunderstorms as well.

In order to figure out the rating of your insulation, you’ll want to take a look at its SPF. SPF tells you the sound transmission that’ll occur. Spray foam insulation tends to have a higher SPF than other options. 

11. Save Money

Being a smart homeowner means that you have insulation in order to save on energy costs for your home. Since heat travels, it can enter other parts of your home and affect the temperature. When you have proper insulation, the airflow of this heat will be greatly reduced. 

Attic Insulation vs Fans

While both a fan and attic insulation will give you a more sustainable home, insulation is the better choice overall. This is due to it helping to reduce your energy bill year-round including in the winter months. You can reach out to a local contractor in your area to see your options since each home will benefit differently. 

Exploring the Benefits of Fans and Attic Insulation

After exploring this guide, it’s clear to see why many choose attic insulation or fans to not only save on energy costs but keep the temperature of their home more moderate. Make sure to do a comparison and speak with a professional in your area to decide what’s best for you. 

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